Write What You Know

write what you know

I don’t claim to know a lot but this I do know: Life can be hard, messy, overwhelming and altogether frustrating.


It can also be dappled with incredibly uplifting patches of beauty and joy.

And this is what I write about. This, is what I hope to bring to my readers – A patchwork quilt of life, love and everything else.

Write what you know…

I know that love, while it does not necessarily conquer all, can become the cushion around a broken heart, buffering the effects of a hard, cruel world, offering the weary soul a place to rest its head.

Love is not a silver bullet that instantly destroys the demons that lurk in the dark. Neither is it a magic eraser wiping out all that has come before. Love is not perfect. When it goes wrong, it can be cruel. Devastating. Crippling the very foundations of trust.

But when it works, when it’s right, and you find that one person that fits the unique shape of your heart, it builds a safe harbour. It’s a candle in the window guiding you home filled with quiet whispers in the dark letting you know that you’re not alone. It’s the warm hug that holds you up when it feels like your legs have gone out from under you. The twine of fingers through yours and the stroke of a thumb over the back of your hand steadying your nerves. It’s that silent communication of strength in your partner’s eyes when you feel naked and at your most vulnerable in front of the world. The dopey grin that says you are the centre of their universe that goes with the laughter easing the tension under your ribs.

Love is hope.

Love is freedom.

Love is…a lullaby of the heart.

This, I know.

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