It’s Our House

Ever wondered what it's like to be a series writer? For me, writing the next-book-in-series is a little like moving to a new house. Same neighbourhood, different street. The location is the same, but the neighbours to either side of you and your housemates have changed. While your external surroundings echo with the familiar, your … Continue reading It’s Our House


Multi-author Christmas contest

Load up your Kindle (new or old) with these AWESOME books and enter for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card worth $100! Entry details at the bottom of this post. The listed books are a blend of regularly priced and free. Those that are free were so at the time of this post … Continue reading Multi-author Christmas contest

Release Day!

  It's hard to believe that The Day has finally come! Today my book baby that I have laboured over and tended with love and care, goes out into the big wide world. I love this book. Love the characters and their story. I have laughed with them, cried with them and at times wanted … Continue reading Release Day!


Learning To Walk

A year ago yesterday, I began writing Resurgence as part of the April CampNanoWrimo challenge. And now here I am again, 2180 words into writing the second book, Rebellion, in what has become the Blood Of The Custodians series.