Stunning New Release – Touched by Suzanne Jefferies

Touched - Book Cover

Title: Touched

Series: Voluptuary Pleasures #2

Author: Suzanne Jefferies

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: 28 November 2018







Sunday is Billy’s day. Sunday is the freshness of baked bread, the earthiness of fresh cut grass, the sweetness of chilled milk. It is a day for the reborn. It’s the day that he takes up his podium and preaches to the parishioners of Liberty, guiding them, advising them, providing them with the soothing they need to face the uncertainties that life invariably dishes up.
For a few hours on a Sunday morning, they get to be the best versions of themselves – like William Jorge.
But, Billy’s still there.
He was with me last night in the kitchen downstairs, his robes discarded, his desire as human as those he guides.

Only one person knows Max Montgomery’s deepest, darkest synesthesia secrets — Billy Jorge. But he ran out on her after six months, when she was still a teen, leaving her to deal with the fallout. A year before, Max arrived back in Liberty to bury her mother, pack up and sell the family house and head out to pursue the rest of her life. So, why’s she still there? Because Billy’s back in Liberty in his role of local preacher, Father William Jorge. Because he’s still the only person who knows her, who she can trust herself with – or can she?

Touched is a dark erotica novella, the second in the Voluptuary Pleasures series.


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