Chameleon Pre-order Giveaway!

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In celebration of Chameleon’s release in the month of LOVE, and the Blood of the Custodians series to this point, I’m holding a pre-order giveaway stuffed full of exclusive items that you won’t get anywhere else!

All you have to do to enter is take a screenshot of your Chameleon pre-order and then email it to me at

It’s just that simple!

On release day, 12 February 2019, and using a randomiser, the name of one lucky entrant will be drawn.

So what’s up for grabs?

Booksy swag included in the giveaway:

  • Signed print copy of Resurgence
  • Signed print copy of Renegade
  • Pair of Ross & Antara character dolls (inspired by Funko Pops) designed and made by the author <— That’s me!
  • Pair of Hailey & Murphy character dolls designed and made by the author <— Still me!
  • Koala bear (relevant to Chameleon) designed and made by…you guessed it! Moi!
  • Small beaded chameleon made by a local South African wire artist <— Not me
  • A sample of Rooibos and Chai toffee made in South Africa <—There may have been two to begin with #Don’tJudge
  • A heavenly Jasmine scented sachet, representative of Antara’s signature scent.
  • A suede thong lariat with silver wings attached representing Ross’ wings.


You know what to do!

Pre-order today for only $2.99!- AMAZON / SMASHWORDS / iBOOKS / GOOGLEPLAY / NOOK


For those of you who haven’t yet started to read the BotC series, Resurgence, Book 1 in the Blood of the Custodians series, is FREE across all ebook retailers for a limited time to get you started.

Start Reading Today! AMAZON / NOOK / iBOOKS / SMASHWORDS

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