If you’re reading this with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because your NaNo wordcount is way under target, you are not alone!


I’ve been doing NaNo for a few years now and completed the challenge three times. One of those times, Camp NaNo 2016 resulted in Resurgence, the first book in my Blood of The Custodians paranormal romance series.


Last year, I entered the November NaNo challenge and…life blew up in spectacular fashion resulting in a complete fail. I was angry, frustrated and hugely disappointed in myself. After shedding a few tears in private, sulking, stomping around and growling at Karma, I came to accept that much as I’d like to, I have no control over exterior factors.


2019, as it has been for almost everyone I know, has been a bumpy year to say the least. Authorly accomplishments so far have been scant consisting of one novella (Chameleon) in my existing PNR series and a short story (Houdini’s Hack) for a wedding season anthology being published. LAME! And, nowhere near the goals I had set for myself.


However, after a fabulously uplifting ROSA conference and a chat/pitch with an incredible agent, I left determined to finish Ink & Iron, the first book that I’ve been picking at in my MC Romance series that Houdini’s Hack introduces.


With NaNoWriMo 2019 on the horizon, I set my goals and went public with my intention to complete Ink & Iron by the end of it. I even buddied up with fellow ROSA members. Added to which, I have been blessed with an amazing accountability partner to kick my ass.


But guess what? Life once again reared its craptastic head and got there first, kicking my ass into next week and back.


So, here I am on November 4th and my NaNo word count is sitting at a big fat zero!


The easiest choice is to just give up. The cheater’s choice is to upload the 33,600 wordcount I already have for Ink & Iron and consider myself ‘ahead’. Yeah-no. Not gonna happen! Born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, I am nothing if not a stubborn motherfucker once the tears have dried.


I am a warrior!


You can do it! YES, I CAN!


The chances are high that I won’t make the 50k target and thus ‘fail’ the challenge. It doesn’t matter. In the words of Dory, Imma just keep swimming.


One word, one sentence, one paragraph, scene and chapter at a time, I will fight my way to the end of this month with something in hand.


I won’t give up, I was made to survive.




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  1. You are a warrior of note! Even if you have to pull yourself alonf with your finger nails. You’ll do it, if not for Nano, then for yourself to finish the book. Rooting for you, I know you can do it!

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