The Home Stretch

Every author has that part of the writing process that they battle with. For some, the opening chapters of a story are a loathsome beast. For others, such as myself the endings are the trickiest to navigate.

I LOVE writing the beginning of a story. It’s fresh and new in my head. A literal blank page pregnant with an endless riot of possibilities.

Like a racehorse ushered into the starting stall champing at the bit to be given its head, the moment I sit down at my laptop, and the gate is flung open the words burst out at full gallop.


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However, by the time I reach the last few chapters my mental energy is flagging, my inner critic is fretting about all the loose ends that need tying up, and I’m second guessing myself every step of the way.

Have I remained true to my characters through their (often painful) journey of growth as individuals toward becoming a couple? Or, have I gone off the rails and ‘Tony Stark’ has somehow morphed into ‘Thor’ and ‘Black Widow’ now more closely resembles Pepper Potts?

Thor and Tony Stark

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Given that Blood of The Custodians is paranormal romance, have I managed to convince my readers that what they are reading could possibly be real? Have my paranormal characters been presented as three-dimensional people with relatable issues, concerns and goals? Or, have I pushed the boundaries of suspending disbelief one too many times?

The only way I am able to overcome these obstacles of self-doubt and (hopefully) catch any glaring errors, is to go back to the beginning, take off my author hat and try to read what I have written up until the 95% mark with the eyes of a reader.

This is where I’m at now. Chameleon (title subject to change), is the first in a series of novellas that will weave in and out of the main novels in the Blood of The Custodians series offering readers a chance to meet secondary characters and gain a sideways perspective of the BoTC world and overarching story as a whole. I need to get it right. Make sure that I’ve set everything up for the rest of the novella series, leaving none of the essential bits out while at the same time ensuring that a) the romance is the central focus and, b) that I’m not dumping too much on readers at once.


Credit: Make A Meme

I hope you’re all going to enjoy this first title in the BoTC novella series as much as I am writing it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pour myself a whiskey while my #HEA gets the grill heated for the braai (barbecue) and then I’m back to my 95% mark read-through.

Love and good vibes!


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  1. Sharonlee, your blog is every bit as good as your novels. Your writing style just flows with interesting phrasing and sometimes downright hilarious comments.
    Can’t wait to read Chameleon – get a move on!! 🙂

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