Beauty & the HOT mess!


Murphy Theme song: Wrong Side of Heaven

A behind-the-scenes look at the writing of Renegade.

Murphy is one of those larger-than-life characters that pretty much invented himself in the second paragraph of the first chapter of Resurgence.

From the moment I wrote the lines – Idly, she wondered if the Murphy of Murphy’s Law existed. – That was it. Murphy muscled his way into the series and refused to take a backseat.

At six feet six, with a balls-to-the-wall, tough-as-nails attitude and a heart of gold, he was hard to ignore.

The moment Murphy arrived, I sensed that in the murky shadows of his backstory there existed a tragic and deadly past. A ticking timebomb capable of devastating destruction.

He gave me very little to work with, only revealing tiny slices of precisely what was necessary to each scene in Resurgence. Whenever I tried to delve deeper ahead of time, he would clam up, turn on his heel and walk right out of my mind.

In Resurgence, all I knew about him was that he was the result of a brief affair between Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and Clotho, one of the three Fates. And, that the consequence of his birth gave us what we today refer to as Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time.

Being able to personify Capt. Edward A. Murphy’s observation in 1949 with regards to Project MX981 (investigating how much instant deceleration a human body can withstand in a crash) was for me as an author, a fascinating and exciting experience.

While I draw heavily on the existing Greek myths and legends in the Blood of The Custodians series, weaving a new and modern history stemming from ancient tales, Murphy is something new and a law unto himself. As such, he was and still is, a challenging write.

There were times while writing Renegade that I wanted to reach through the screen and shake the truth out of Murphy. When he did eventually give up halting details my heart broke and my eyeballs got leaky as I wrote.

If asked midway through writing, book one, Resurgence, if I ever saw Murphy getting his own book and an HFN or HEA, I would have laughed long and hard. Why? Because he’s a hot mess. Who would ever be able to handle that much darkness?

And then came Hailey. Sweet, beautiful Hailey. Five feet even of titanium backbone and a heart the size of the sun.


Hailey Theme Song: Fire Under My Feet

The moment Murphy laid eyes on her in my head and went, ‘I want!’ I knew I was in for an uphill battle.

I tried to dissuade him. Explained the hundred-and-one reasons why it could never work. Why it was a very, very bad idea.

He didn’t care. He’d made up his mind, and that was it.

As a panster who thrives on discovery writing, I was as shocked as anyone else when he made his move in Resurgence. In fact, I was that shocked that I threw up my hands and had to walk away from my laptop.

I came back and tried to delete the scene. Several times. But the voice in my head kept getting louder and louder. The scene had to stay and tough luck on how hard that would make my job as the narrator of this story that has been entrusted to me.

Renegade was a hard write and had me tearing my hair out at times. Often, I’d find myself stalled for two or three days (sometimes a week) because Murphy was struggling to open up and let me in.

I have laughed, cried and ground my teeth in frustration writing this book, but I have loved every damn minute of it!

I hope that you will too.

If I may, I leave you with a few songs that for me epitomised Murphy, Hailey and their desperate battle to save each other:

Murphy to Hailey: Best I Can – Art of Dying

Hailey to Murphy:  Glow – Ella Henderson

Up In Flames

RENEGADE: Blood of The Custodians, Book 2


RESURGENCE: Blood of The Custodians, Book 1 – FREE






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  1. Wonderfully descriptive writing, which epitomizes the richness of your characters.
    I can’t wait to read your next book.
    Look out Ward and Moning… there’s a new kid on the block!

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