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Since music is always such a huge source of inspiration for me as an author, I did something a little different this time around and have put together a chapter playlist of the tracks that most influenced Renegade.

Below is the playlist as gathered on my Youtube channel and below that, the chapter reference guide for any that might be interested 🙂

Renegade Playlist


Chapter 2: Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

Chapter 5: Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

Chapter 6: Cry Wolf – Bebe Rexha, Pretty Lies – Written By Wolves

Chapter 9: Wicked Ones – Dorothy

Chapter 11: Heathens – Twenty-One Pilots

Chapter 13: Psy – Daddy, TiMO ODV – Dancing Again

Chapter 15: Desire – (Hucci Remix) Meg Myers

Chapter 17: The Fallen (Psychedelic) – Steve Jablonsky

Chapter 18: Killing Strangers – Marilyn Manson

Chapter 20: Feel Me – Mecca Kalani

Chapter 21: The Scorpion Sleeps – Rob Zombie

Chapter 22: Savin’ Me – Nickelback

Chapter 23: Wonderland – Natalia Kills

Chapter 26: Fathers & Daughters – Michael Bolton

Chapter 28: Bad Girl – Avril Lavigne ft Marilyn Manson

Chapter 32: Skin – Rihanna, Flesh – Simon Curtis

Chapter 33: Boneshaker – Redlight King

Chapter 34: Start of Something Good – Daughtry

Chapter 37: The River – Blues Saraceno

Chapter 39: Heart On – Celldweller (Hailey & Mayhem)

Chapter 42: Superbeast – Rob Zombie

Chapter 46: Infinite White – Steve Jablonsky

Chapter 48: My Domain – Svrcina

Chapter 49: Bridge of Khazad Dum – Howard Shore, Thistles & Weeds – Mumford & Sons

Chapter 51: Castle of Glass – Linkin Park

Chapter 52: I’ll Stop The End of The World – Marc Robillard, Stitches – Angelflare

Chapter 53: Who Are You – Svrcina

Chapter 55: Jericho – Celldweller

Chapter 56: Nemesis – Blue Stahli

Chapter 57: Good Luck – Celldweller

Chapter 59: Battle Cry – Imagine Dragons, Hymn For The Missing – Red

Chapter 60: In My Veins – Andrew Belle, Something For The Pain – Redlight King

Hallelujah – Pentatonix

FINAL SCENE: Problem – Natalia Kills


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