Release Day!


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It’s hard to believe that The Day has finally come!

Today my book baby that I have laboured over and tended with love and care, goes out into the big wide world.


I love this book. Love the characters and their story. I have laughed with them, cried with them and at times wanted to bang their heads together. I have pulled my hair out in frustration when that perfect word has eluded me and danced with glee when a character has delivered a wonderful surprise.

Ross & Antara’s theme song: Adelita’s Way – Undivided

Much like one does for a wedding, you plan and dream, free to romanticise to your heart’s content. And then, the big day rolls around and you’re standing there in front of friends and family on the happiest day of your life. Suddenly the nerves set in and you realise that once you say ‘I Do’, shit gets real.

And that’s about where I am today. Excited beyond words to see my dreams and hard work come to fruition with the release of my debut novel but at the same time as nervous as a cat held over water.

I have learnt so much throughout this process, about myself, my writing process and more recently, the intricate world of publishing.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing my experiences as a debut author and hope that you will join myself and fellow authors, Tia Silverthorne-Bach, Sherry D. Ficklin, June Stevens-Westerfield, A.L. Kessler and Nely Cab at the Facebook Launch Party for Resurgence.

Resurgence RDL Cover

In the meantime, in celebration of Release Day, I bring you an interview with Antara, the heroine of, Resurgence. This character interview mirrors the one with Eros/Ross currently hosted on Changing Tides Publishing blog.

This interview takes place before the events of Resurgence began to unfold:



Antara was a little harder to catch since Ekko, the muse appointed by the Custodians, made it clear that she was not to know who I was or what my true motivation was. As such, I led her to believe that I was conducting a survey for a new strip mall being built in the area and caught her at the local post office.

Me: Who was the first boy you ever kissed?

Antara laughs: Simon le Grange. We were five years old and he gave me his chocolate milk.

Me: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Antara: I’ll let you know if it ever happens to me.

Me: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Antara: Old enough to know what I was doing.

Me: Give me a ballpark age.

Antara: I had matriculated (graduated from senior high)

Me: What’s your star sign?

Antara: Taurus

Me: What do you do for an income?

Antara: I am a freelance chef picking up jobs wherever I can.

Me: Favourite food?

Antara: Cottage pie with a lovely cheesey crust.

Me: Least favourite food?

Antara: Brussel sprouts

Me: What’s on your iPod?

Antara: Calibrate, Sia, Nickelback, some Ed Sheeran.

Me: Favourite movie or tv series?

Antara: Me Before You, even although it broke my heart.

Me: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Antara laughing: If calories don’t count? Doughnuts.

Me: Coffee or tea?

Antara: Tea.

Me: Beer or wine?

Antara: Wine. More specifically, a Rose. That stuff tastes like cold drink.

Me: Cats or dogs?

Antara: Dogs

Me: Early bird or night owl?

Antara: Ugh. I hate getting up in the morning. Night owl.

Me: Which best describes your personality? Naughty…or nice?

Antara laughs: Did Hailey say to ask that? Umm…A bit of both?

Me: What scares you?

Antara: Having to depend on someone else.

Me: And in closing, do you have a personal motto that you try to live by?

Antara: Only give up when you die.

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