Cover Reveal!

Book Thumbnail

Isn’t it just B.E.A.YOOTIFUL!?

I feel like I should be writing something clever for this post that’s full of words of wisdom, serious author stuff and catchy marketing words but … Come on, guys. Have you seen that cover!?

No wonder Antara finds herself in deep water  😉

Over the coming weeks leading up to the official release on August 22nd, look out for:

  • Fun giveaways including free ebook copies and Amazon gift cards.
  • Live Facebook readings from Resurgence where I’ll be coming out of my bat cave to answer any questions you might have.
  • A Scavenger Hunt with clues hidden in graphic teasers – Keep an eye on my Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram account for the announcement of the start of the Hunt and how it will work. On October 1st, a grand prize winner will be drawn randomly from the names of those Trackers that successfully complete the Hunt.
  • Newsletters containing information about all of the above as well as an exclusive excerpt. Sign-ups for those are available on my brand new website:

Want to read an excerpt of Resurgence? Head on over to Lady Amber’s Reviews. While you’re there, check out the lovely Amazon gift card giveaway they’re doing to celebrate the cover reveal of Resurgence.

And now, as is my custom, I leave you with Undivided, from Adelita’s Way. So very relevant to Resurgence.







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