Learning To Walk

Resurgence (1).png

Blood Of The Custodians: Resurgence (Only 44 FREE copies left. Grab yours now.)

A year ago yesterday, I began writing Resurgence as part of the April CampNanoWrimo challenge.

And now here I am again, 2180 words into writing the second book, Rebellion, in what has become the Blood Of The Custodians series.

So much has happened during that time. What started out titled, All That Glitters, with a completely different plot (Hilariously awful in retrospect), turned into one of the most exciting writing adventures of my life.

In the past twelve months, I have joined ROSA, the romance writers group of South Africa, met some amazing authors and attended my first writers’ conference, ROSACon 2016. There, I enjoyed the opportunity to pitch Resurgence via Skype to an editor of a well-known publishing house as well as two literary agents. Though I wasn’t offered a publishing contract I loved every minute of it and learnt so much about pitches and query letters.

After receiving a wonderful in-depth review from the lovely Charlotte of Harper Collins, I spent the next couple of months tweaking and polishing and nervously sent out a few more queries. Each query sent was politely rejected. Oddly, instead of bumming me out, I feel like I’m earning my author stripes and doggedly walking the path so many have done before.

Most recently, I took the plunge and entered Resurgence into a contest over at INKITT. This would be the first time outside of my beta readers that anyone would be reading my work and what a scary thought that was. What if no one liked it? What if they hated the characters I had fallen in love with? What if it was terrible and my beta readers had simply been kind?

Again, my learning curve continued. As a contestant, I was encouraged to promote my entry through various different means and learnt the value of graphic teasers. Oh, how much fun I had creating those graphic teasers using the online tools found at www.canva.com.

Teaser 4.png

Every morning at precisely 10:45 am, I eagerly hit up my analytics page on Inkitt  and did a silly little happy dance for every copy taken, reads gained and reviews left. The latter have just blown me away and have greatly encouraged me to once again make use of CampNano’s challenge to get Rebellion written.

The long and the short of what I have learnt thus far is this:

  • The big wide world of publishing can be a frightening aspect for a fledgeling author. But if you don’t hop out of the nest, how will you ever know if you have the ability to fly?
  • Try not to get tangled up in your fears and self-doubt for they will bring you to your knees faster than ice melts in the Sahara.
  • Embrace the experience and take each kink in the road as part of the exciting journey. Milk those lessons for all they’re worth.
  • Don’t let despondency steal your creativity.


  • Always, always, have fun!

The piece below brought to you by my muse who insisted it be included:


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