After a fantastic weekend with the Hell Razors at the Phakisa Raceway, I’ve come back to my desk filled with excitement to continue writing this book. It’s not an easy write. It’s emotional and deals with the hard stuff we as a society so often don’t want to look at.

Researching the two most important topics has not only been eye-opening and at times gut-wrenching, but it has also highlighted the good that is out there beyond the dark worlds I’m writing about. I am determined to give it my all and treasure the sweeter break in the clouds that the romance and growth of my two main characters provides.

There are times that I have to take a step back to better survey the way forward and sometimes that means rewriting entire chapters. Before this weekend away it felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps backwards and getting nowhere fast. Now, however, I realise that this is not a story that can be rushed. It’s not going to flow as quickly and certainly as Resurgence did. It’s a different beast, and I need to treat it as such and let my characters open up to me when they’re ready to do so. As would be the case if these were people that existed in reality and were facing the kinds of challenges they’re facing in my book.

The lesson here for me is this:

Much as no two people are ever alike, so no two books can be approached in the same way.

Now that I realise this and am embracing Ink & Iron as a completely new experience, I am far more at peace and happier to accept the stop-start nature of writing it.

Disturbed: Sounds of Silence


One thought on “Recalibrate

  1. It’s amazing what a step back can do. It changes our perspectives and, if we are paying attention, lead us forward onto paths not dreamed of into exciting new adventures. So happy for you that the past weekend did that for you. Can’t wait to read the new and improved version of Ink and Iron!
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