The interval between posts here is decreasing a month at time. Heh.


In fact, on perusing some of my previous posts I almost scrubbed this blog clean. What a whiney self-pitying worm I’ve been! BUT, given how much I’ve learned since August last year I think I’ll keep them here to remind myself of the person I never want to be again. Nothing like a heart attack to put life into perspective right?


Anyhow, in a bid to improve my writing skills and for lack of anywhere else to put the writing exercises I plan on embarking on, this shall become my dumping ground.


You have been warned! 😉


4 thoughts on “Eish!!

  1. Despite not remembering my username or password, or the email password for which to obtain said necessities, I still keep my LiveJournal around. Wrote in that thing since I was fourteen. Stopped at 21, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s not about the person you were, though. It’s the person you are that matters. Can’t wait to read your writings!

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