Chuck Wendig’s Flashfiction Challenge (1)

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m like only a day late with this given that the closing date was May 4th. Heh. But here goes anyways.


The Challenge:

Using a random title generator write a flash fiction of no more than 1000 words by Friday May 4th.


The Titles:

1. Awesome Gecko

2. Thrusting Tree Frog

3. Innocent Vulture

4. Cowboy Manticore

5. Bitter Frenzy


My Offering:

Dyxin had been passed over for promotion. Again. What was it going to take for the fleet commander to view her as just more than a pair of tits and piece of ass!? Good enough as cannon fodder but not so to lead the men and women into battle that would have fallen to her command.


Fark! It annoyed the shit out of her as did the moron manning the bar tonight.


“A Widow’s Veil,” she growled her drink order out louder refusing to lean closer and provide the view of cleavage he was angling for.  Just then a reed thin man wearing the epaulette of a deckhand slid onto the bar stool next to her. He was afforded but a brief glance. That short sweep of unnaturally pale grey eyes told her all she needed to know.


He was beneath her. Actually, scratch that for it was probably exactly where the gangly toe rag hoped to be.


“You look like you could do with some cheering up.” The sandy-haired Don-Juan-wannabe said and leaned in closer with what was meant to be a seductive smile in place. Instead it ended up as a slimy curl of lips.


Dyxin toyed with simply ignoring the twerp. She was here to get shitfaced and then crawl back to her quarters. Alone. But the temptation was too great.


Slowly a smirk twisted about striking features. Reaching for the near black drink placed at her left hand she eyed the deckhand from over the rim of her glass as she lifted it. Taking a sip she set it down again and then cocked her head toward the throng of bodies moving in sinuous rhythm to the beat of the techno-rave that throbbed through the air.


”Dance for me, little man,” she ordered in a husky purr.


Pathetically eager to please Deckhand slid off his stool and made his way gleefully to the edge of the dance floor. Patting herself on the back for having gotten rid of him, Dyxin turned back toward the bar and knocked back a healthy swallow of the potent concoction.


It was the barman’s look of horror that had her passing an idle glance over her shoulder. What she saw would forever be burned to memory.


Consumed by the pulsing beat of the music and determined to use it to his every advantage, Deckhand had become a creature last spoken of in the annals of earth’s lost species.


With head thrown back and hands held in front of him with fingers splayed, his spindly legs were set wide apart and bent at the knees. But it was what was going on in between that had Dyxin first snickering and then howling with laughter until the tears rolled down her cheeks.


With each thunderous beat of the bass his body went into a weird spasm. First his scrawny chest would thrust out and then in again and then his hips would plunge back and forth with an odd little gyration added at the end of each pass. It was fast, it was furious; it was….a thrusting tree frog brought back from extinction.


Skrillex – Bangarang


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