Long Time, No Post

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six months since I last posted here. Six months where so much has happened.

There have been ups and downs in that time. Highs and lows that have marked what I now see was the path to what I’m now calling my rebirth.  For you see, in the early hours of August 19th, I had a heart attack. One that I am truly, truly grateful to have come back from not to mention having done so without having to undergo the trauma of major surgery but instead was able to benefit from the insertion of a stent via angioplasty to open the offending artery.

The past few months since then have been both terrifying, with my experiencing panic attacks for the first time ever, and liberating as each day brings with it new things to be thankful for as I slowly but surely cut the things from my life that either impact negatively or simply have no real value to begin with.

I’ve discovered The Secret (http://www.thesecret.tv/) and am learning to put it into practice on a daily basis and have already been blown away by the results being yielded. Most importantly, I have been humbled by the love and care of my daughters, husband and mother during the recovery process. Love and care that has healed parts of my soul I hadn’t even realized were broken to begin with.

But this is not what this post is about. Well not entirely for I’ve shared that to say this:

Life is beautiful. Life is precious and I’m about done whining and complaining about all the things I don’t have. I’m done stressing and fretting to no purpose over stupid things, and am instead focussing on and celebrating all the wonderful things I do have and that this life has yet to offer!

Of course none of this is going to happen if I don’t make a concerted daily effort to fix the attitude from the negative dismal wench who through the Law of Attraction brought a heart attack upon herself, to something completely SHINY, joyous and excited for the future!

From hereon in, my new mission for The Scribble Spot is to share, as far as possible, only that which is positive and good in my life with a much stronger focus on crafting and the things that I love to make and spend time doing, with maybe some writing thrown in here and there too 😉

And there you have it!

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to making the little lilac and pink dragon a lady ordered from me at the Moonlight market I exhibited at last week, Friday. Always so much fun receiving orders like that!

More to follow about that tomorrow…




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