Life In Fragments

With the eldest daughter moved back home (and still jobless) and the youngest back from boarding school for a two week term break, along with the man working from home to be nearer to the sites he’s overseeing, each day has felt like someone has scooped up a handful of confetti and tossed it up into the air.

Writing has proven to be more than a bit of a challenge for guaranteed the moment I really start to get my teeth into a vignette, chapter or plotting out storylines, someone will walk in already talking…

…and if Murphy isn’t a sod in green someone has just done so as I sit here typing this post…

Where was I. Oh, right, writing. Ha! About all I’ve managed with regards to that with any degree of minor success is exchanging a few poses via email with someone who is a part of the online MUSH that I play. And even then, guaranteed that the moment I receive an email with their pose and settle down to write up my response…unwanted distraction will rear its ugly head.

The same goes for the two new kitchen themed products ranges I’m busy working on putting together. I’ll be in the kitchen folding laundry or loading the washing machine while I wait for my pyro…


…graphy tool to heat up and there’s not a soul in sight. The moment I sit my ass down and pick the pyrography tool up? Yeah, you guessed it, something will happen and I have to put the tool down and deal with whatever is demanding attention.

Being an non-medicated adult with ADD that as a child went undiagnosed, routines and schedules have become my coping mechanism, the way in which I cling to ‘normality’ and make myself focus on one thing at a time rather than grasshoperring all over the place. This isn’t an entirely bad thing.  Until that is, someone or something screws with my methods and it all feels like its turning to madness.

Truth be told, I always have at least three different things on the go at the same time as I find for instance that when I’m woodburning my ‘cricket’ (brain) needs to be entertained. Hence I go through an inordinate amount of movies, TV series and doccies while I work to keep Madame…


… Cricket, happy.

And I’m back again. Look upward. See what I mean? The air is full of tiny little pieces of confetti scattering to the floor about me.

I love my kids, I love my man, I love my four-legged family members that come racing into my office chasing each other and barking madly but…I’m not sure how much more of this I can take before I grab my laptop and run for the nearest Mugg & Bean where I can cower in a booth, sip on magnificent coffee and nibble on a giant choc-chip muffin (screw the diet), where the Confetti Monster can’t find me.

And you wonder why I smoke?

Thank the gods of all things winged and crawling that hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) some semblance of normality should be returning next week as the man heads back to working at the office and the girlie to boarding school. The downside to that being that I’ll be back to missing my baby. But, six of one, half dozen of the other, right?


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