…The Other Door Opens

This afternoon after having packed away the groceries, I sat down at my desk with a mug of Columbian coffee, a bowl of fruit salad and eagerly loaded up ‘The Man From Snowy River II’ (which had finally finished downloading during the night), the sequel to one of my favourite movies of all time. I mean, what’s not to like? Romance, cowboys, brumbies, excellent horsemanship, did I mention the brumbies and cowboys? I could go on and on extolling the virtues of the two movies, but I digress…

I opened up my Facebook page on my laptop at the same time, not expecting to do very much more than idly peruse the few posts recently made by those friended to me. Not moments later I found myself having to hit pause on the movie as I found myself sitting staring at the laptop screen, reading the same post again and again to ensure I was really reading what I was.

Slowly, my hand reached for my cellphone and I dialled the number given out, my heart in my throat, sure this was some kind of a hoax or at the very least, expecting to hear the costly catch to the deal being offered all members signed up with my ADSL service provider.

The guy on the other side of the phone was very patient as I drilled him, putting him through the The Scribbler’s Inquisition that went something like this:

Me: Okay, so let me get this straight, you’re telling me that you’re going to give me unlimited hosting space as well as unlimited traffic, along with a free .co.za domain name for only R19 a month when I was previously paying R315 a month elsewhere!?

Telesales Dude: That’s right, ma’am.

Me: Why? What’s the catch?

Telesales Dude: No catch ma’am, *Service Provider*’s mission statement is to free the web for their customers and this is simply another way in which we’re doing so.

Me: Somewhat speechless for a moment, a very rare event I might add.

Telesales Dude: There are a few T’s and C’s that you should be aware of, ma’am.

Me, with distracted sarcasm wrought by still trying to sniff the ‘rat’ out: So no pornographic teddy bears on my website then?

Telesales Dude, laughing: No ma’am, no pornographic teddy bears. There is one thing I do need to know Ma’am. Do you access your ADSL service through us?

Me, highly suspicious: Yeees?

Telesales Dude: Great, then it’s my pleasure to inform you that because you’re already an existing customer of ours, you get your first year of web hosting for free!

Me: Dead silence….

Telesales Dude: Ma’am, are you still there?

Me: Um no, this is one of the pornographic teddy bears speaking because The Scribbler has fainted.

Telesales Dude, cracks up. Apparently he finds me funny.

Me: Okay so, this is one hundred percent legit then?

Telesales Dude, still laughing: Yes ma’am, can I send you the paperwork to fill out?

Me: Is the pope Catholic!?

Telesales Dude, snickering: Okay ma’am, I’ve just emailed them off to you. Fill the form in and within 72 hrs of us receiving it, you’ll be able to upload your site.

How freaking awesome is that!? One door closed on Monday when I had to shut down my website where it’s currently being hosted only for another door to open just three days later and for free for the first year too!! Of course my domain name will change, but who the hell cares? A change is as good as a holiday, I always say!

I go now to do the Balky dance of joy a la ‘My Cousin Larry’ to the attached song which kinda says it all IMO! 🙂

Collective Soul – Better Now


6 thoughts on “…The Other Door Opens

  1. That’s awesome!! That’s definitely a fine example of the universe seeking balance if ever I saw one. Good Karma, FTW!!!

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