Born This Way

I am the type of person for whom music is a very integral part of my life. More often than not it either inspires me to begin writing something or a track or song will simply fit in with something I happen to be writing at the time.  The same can be said about some songs being representative of either the stage of life that I’m at, or a day in particular.

And while I’ve adopted Anastacia’s ‘Paid My Dues‘ as my life song, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, is undeniable celebration of the beauty of being an individual. So while I don’t often do this, I feel compelled to embed the Youtube link with the lyrics on screen because we could all do with remembering that we’re beautiful in our own unique way, right? Right! Not to mention that if we want to be accepted oddities, warts and all, so we need to be prepared to accept and celebrate others who are looking for the same in return.


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